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Next Meeting

The associations next meeting will be held April 21, 2015 in Stockholm. Documentation will be published at a later date.

NBT:s site now in Swedish and English


NBT:s site now available also in English!

The other langueges are available through Google Translate function.


NBT at Brandskydd 2014

The association attend the conference and had a fair at the Brandskydd 2014, November 26-27, at Täby. The purpose was to make NBT nown and to promote fire retardant treated wood.

The association attended and had a booth at the Trä & Teknik Fair 2012, August 21 – 24, Gothenburg, together with the Svenska Träskyddsföreningen. The purpose of attending the fair was to promote NBT an fire retardant treated wood.

NBT Has Been Registered


The organization NBT has now been registered and been acquired an organization number in Sweden and bank account with Nordea.

The new information can be found on the website under the menu: Contact NBT.


Woodnet: A New Organization for the Promotion of Fire Retardant Treated Wood report on the formation of NBT and has published the following article on their website. Under the heading "New Organization for the Promotion of Fire Retardant Treated Wood" they presented the association.


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